About Us


PopularDemand delivers the ideal blend of technical and marketing services designed to help your company

increase sales and profits via on-line and off-line direct response marketing programs.


Our toolbox and strategic solutions will give you the edge in today's electronic and brick & mortar marketplaces.

We have over 45 years of technical product development and direct response marketing expertise.

Our Merchant Services Affliliate company was founded 16 years ago to provide American retail stores with

credit card processing solutions. Over the years the technology has boomed and so we had to add to our

portfolio of products to match demand for growing businesses across America.


We are currently a leading provider of merchant account processing solutions in North America. We have

a 95% approval rate and customer service that is unbeatable.


Since the new digital age has dawned upon us, we continued to provide solutions for our retail clients who

decided to market their product on the world wide web. We have extended our large client base from American

based to nearly 170 different countries around the world. We have provided solutions for many types of

business from the small store to some the biggest online casinos.

Give us a call at (720) 240-4707 for a free phone consultation.